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Trudy and Kevin Sherman
Studio Manager

Kevin and Trudy have both worked in industry as engineers for over 35 years. Trudy opened her first business 30 years ago as an engineering consultant. Fifteen years later she opened her second business ​teaching hands-on technical topics in elementary and junior high schools. Both businesses are still operating and profitable.


Trudy started dancing when she was 6. She took ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics through high school. In college she balanced her engineering courses with marching band and ballet and modern jazz classes. Folk and square dancing were her weekend fun times. After getting married, Trudy's dancing was limited mostly to Jazzercise and clogging. In the 90's Trudy started taking tai chi classes with her mom. After about 10 years of practice, she got certified to teach.


In 2014 Kevin and Trudy started taking ballroom dance lessons. Before long Trudy was hooked and began performing and competing. Finding places to have dance lessons while working with an independent instructor was difficult at times. To solve this problem, they decided to open their own dance studio where independent instructors could come to teach. 


With the opening of the studio, Trudy is now able to combine her passion for teaching with her passion for dance. when she isn't dancing, you are sure to see her (and sometimes Kevin) teaching tai chi, beginning ballroom, technology, and other classes at the studio.

Joy Murphy

Client Services, Office Management


Jennifer Sherman

Social Media, Event Coordinator


It is Kaleidoscope's vision to provide a quality environment at an affordable price where instructors and other clients can pursue their passion.

We consider these clients part of our team as well.

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