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Our Space

Our space is unique, flexible, and inviting:
  • Our studio is a stand-alone building owned by us. It is surrounded by trees and shrubbery that provide nice fresh oxygen to keep your lungs happy. 
  • Our building is 2500 sq ft with ~2300 sq ft covered in air-sprung maple hardwood. 
IMG_5875 trimmed.jpg
  • Our floor is air sprung maple - good for the joints and pretty to look at. We sweep and mop our floor several times a week to keep it clean for our "bare-foot" dancers.
IMG_5548 edited.jpg
  • We have a movable soundproof divider that can be used to divide the dance floor into two separate spaces, each with its own sound system. When divided, the large dance floor is ~1300 sq ft and the smaller one is ~600 sq ft. For large events/activities, the divider is slid back out of the way and its tracks are removed creating one large dance space.
Floor Plan 23-Feb.jpg
  • The ceiling over the large floor is arched and over 20 ft. high at its peak. It is air brushed with a night sky that includes the moon, stars, and clouds.
IMG_5663 trimmed.jpg
  • We have a kitchen area that includes a sink with hot and cold water, a microwave, a coffee maker, both purified and RO water, snacks for hungry dancers, and a refrigerator that can be used when requested.
IMG_3542 Trimmed.jpg

We would love to see you here!

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