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The Extras We Provide

for Independent Dance Instructors

and Other Floor Use Clients

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It is our mission to support independent instructors and dancers
by providing an affordable, reliable, and quality space for them to use.
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Benefits for Independent Instructors* 
Benefits for All Regularly Scheduled Instructors
  • Fliers (8 1/2" x 11") for classes or events can be posted on our Client Board.
  • Business cards and half page fliers can be put out on our Info Table
Benefits Provided with the Sliding Floor Fee
  • Classes and events are listed on both our web page calendar and our printed studio calendars (advance notice needed).
  • Classes are listed on our web landing page.
  • Classes along with class description and instructor information are included on our "Class Description" web page. A link to the instructor web or Facebook page can be included in the description. Instructor must provide info to be displayed.
  • Our Zoom cart has a 40" TV and computer that can be used for watching videos (must be reserved in advance).
 Benefits Provided with the 60/40 Floor Fee 
  • All of the benefits provided with the Sliding Floor Fee.

  • Kaleidoscope staff will greet participants, sign them in, and collect money. This allows the instructor time to get ready for class and chat with participants if desired.

  • If you do not bring a sign-in sheet, we will provide one for you.

  • We will make change for your clients if needed.

  • We will accept credit/debit payments from your participants on our machine if needed.

  • Kaleidoscope staff will remain available to greet late arrivers and take their payment so your class does not need to be interrupted.

  • Kaleidoscope staff will handle counting money and have payment and receipt ready for you by the end of class.

  • We will share Facebook events held at our studio that are shared with us.

  • We will schedule your class on our MeetUp if you do not have your own MeetUp.

  • We will add your class to at least one newspaper calendar that we have classes listed on if sufficient advance notice is given. You will need to provide us with the necessary information.

* Contact us for details on how these benefits work

50/50 Benefits
Std Fee Benefits

We would love to see you

teaching and dancing here!

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