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Kids Math Hands-On Workshops

Class Times

Wednesday 12:30 - 1:20 pm

Class Length

50 minutes

Class Price

$20 Drop-In 1 workshop
$72 Punch Card 4 workshops


Jennifer Sherman


Kids Math

Jennifer has a MS Ed and a MA Ed. She taught for many years and also was a principle. Now she has her own business tutoring and teaching classes.



About the course

These hands-on math workshops are offered weekly. Each workshop is 50 minutes long.

Each math workshop consists of an introduction to the concept followed by exploratory learning activities. Activity worksheets are used to record findings. Students can work alone or with a partner, but each student completes their own activity sheet. Teams can be parent/child or student/student. Small class sizes ensure individualized attention

Students use data recorded from previous science workshops to apply the concepts and further investigate the science results. When available, students use their own science results, otherwise they use data provided by the instructor. Science materials for the science activity are available if further investigation, additional data, or confirmation of data is desired.

For boys and girls age 8-14.

Jennifer Sherman and Technitopics are Arizona ESA (Empowerment Scholarship Account) approved.

Advance registration is required to ensure adequate materials are available.
Payment is required prior to the start of class.

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