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Israeli Folk Dance Session Int-Adv

Class Times

Thursday 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Class Length

2 hours

Class Price

$5 per hour



Israeli Folk Dance

Deborah fell in love with Israeli dancing in 1971 in Los Angeles. In high school there was an International dancing event which included some Israeli dancing; thus the adventure began. She was a passionate regular at Café Danssa for a total of 13 years.

In 1973 she volunteered on a kibbutz (communal farm) in northern Israel but had to return to the USA abruptly due to the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War. In 1979 Deborah was part of a Semester Abroad program in Jerusalem which joyfully included the responsibility of teaching Israeli dancing

Over the years she has acquired a large repertoire of Israeli circle and couple dances, and also International folk dances.

Deborah especially enjoys the pioneer / nostalgic / beginner dances. It is her desire to help dancers raise their level of skill, and interest, from beginner to the more complex dances…… with an emphasis on having fun.


About the course

Israeli Folk Dance: open dancing. The dances are intermediate to complex.

​Anyone is welcome who has the ability to ‘follow’ a dance, or an interest in attempting to follow, or simply wants to enjoy Israeli music. Dances on occasion are taught/reviewed by one of several experienced dancers

A sample of the dances:
*Aneni *Arba Onot *Mitoch Tmimut *Shufni
*Rafsoda *Ima Im HaYiti Yachol *Tfilot *Hayom Hazeh
*Libi *Mashehu Matok *Tfilati *Na'ale Na'ale
*Mi Lo Yavo *Wai Wai Wai *Behar HaGilboa *Beresheet

This group is organized by Deborah.

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