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Gentle Tai Chi Sequences

Class Times

Tuesday 1:00 - 1:55 pm

Class Length

55 minutes

Class Price

$14 Drop-In, $48 for 4 classes

Available live on Zoom


Trudy Sherman


Gentle Tai Chi

In 1998 Trudy took her first class in tai chi with her mom. Her interest in the whole body benefits of tai chi grew as she watched the positive effects it had on reducing her mother's symptoms from post-polio syndrome which included breathing, balance, and stamina.

In 2013 Trudy was certified as an Easy (Gentle) Tai Chi instructor. Easy Tai chi was developed specifically for Parkinson's patients. In addition to teaching the Original Easy Tai Chi/Qigong she has developed 2 other tai chi classes: Gentle Tai Chi Sequences and Crane Dance Gentle Tai Chi. All three classes focus on improving balance and posture, strengthening the breath, and increasing stamina. As with all tai chi, it is a great way to reduce stress.



About the course

Gentle Tai Chi Sequences is slightly more rigorous than the Gentle Tai Chi-Qigong class. Individual moves from Easy Tai Chi-Qigong are combined in continuous fluid sequences that are stationary.

This class starts with 15 minutes of Qigong (Chee-gong) warm-up activities that are a subset of those used in Gentle Tai Chi-Qigong.

The remainder of the class is spent working on sequences of moves from Gentle Tai Chi. Each sequence consists of moves with similar philosophical concepts.

Working on a sequence provides the additional health benefits that come from: Memorization, Fluidity of motion, Transition from move to move, Extended stamina, Correctness of arm and body position.

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