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Family owned and operated since 2017



Kaleidoscope Dance provides a variety of classes and activities in a friendly and

non-intimidating environment for those who would like to relax and enjoy moving.

We specialize in beginners! 

Being at Kaleidoscope
brings out Smiles!!

We Offer

  • Dance

    A variety of dance styles taught by independent instructors
    • Ballroom, Country, Folk Dance, Line Dance, West Coast Swing, Contemporary

    • Group Classes and Private Lessons

    • Wedding Dances for beginners and their loved ones

    • We focus on those who enjoy dancing socially or are just beginning

    • We emphasize techniques to protect joints and improve balance

  • Tai Chi & Meditation

    • Gentle Tai Chi for seniors, those with Parkinson's, or balance or mobility issues 

    • Sound Meditation

    • Traditional Yang Form T'ai Chi

    • We focus on relaxation, full breath, and balanced bodies

  • Kids Classes and Events

    • Introductory classes that include: Hip-hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary

    • Dance camps, in-studio recitals

    • Music and Movement - toddlers through preschool

What We Offer

We have affordable floor space for
Private Lessons, Group Classes, 
Dance Practice, Dance Events, and

other "Floor Friendly" Activities

We would ove to see you dancing
Member of National Fast Dance
Licensed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC
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