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Kids Science Make & Take Workshops

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Class Length

1:50 minutes

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Trudy Sherman


Kids Science

Trudy has a bachelor's and master's degree in electrical engineering and a Ph D in Computer Science. For over 30 years she has taught hands-on science classes and workshops to children and young teens, Her favorite topics are magnetism, electricity, static electricity, physics, matter, and computer fundamentals.



About the course

The best way to learn and remember science concepts is by exploring them with hands-on activities. In these 2-hour workshops, participants construct up to 3 items that illustrate different scientific concepts. Each concept is introduced and demonstrated by the instructor. Participants then use the materials provided to follow step-by-step instructions to construct their own items to try out and take home. Examples include magnetic field detector, thaumatrope, electrophorus, electric motor, and pinhole camera. These workshops are scheduled every few months throughout the year.

For boys and girls age 8-14.

Trudy Sherman and Technitopics are Arizona ESA (Empowerment Scholarship Account) approved.

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