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Family owned and operated since 2017



Kaleidoscope Dance provides a variety of classes and activities in a friendly and

non-intimidating environment for those who would like to relax and enjoy moving.

We specialize in beginners! 

Being at Kaleidoscope
brings out Smiles!!

We Offer

  • Dance

    A variety of dance styles taught by independent instructors
    • Ballroom, Country, Folk Dance, Line Dance, West Coast Swing, Contemporary

    • Group Classes and Private Lessons

    • Wedding Dances for beginners and their loved ones

    • We focus on those who enjoy dancing socially or are just beginning

    • We emphasize techniques to protect joints and improve balance

  • Tai Chi & Meditation

    • Gentle Tai Chi for seniors, those with Parkinson's, or balance or mobility issues 

    • Sound Meditation

    • Traditional Yang Form T'ai Chi

    • We focus on relaxation, full breath, and balanced bodies

  • Kids Classes and Events

    • Introductory classes that include: Hip-hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary

    • Dance camps, in-studio recitals

    • Music and Movement - toddlers through preschool

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We have affordable floor space for
Private Lessons, Group Classes, 
Dance Practice, Dance Events, and

other "Floor Friendly" Activities

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