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Floor Availablility Calendar

The labeled time blocks reflect scheduled class times, events, private activities, and times reserved by independent instructors/dancers for private lessons/practice time.

Clicking on a reservation will display the full name of the class/activity or the initials of the person reserving private use. If a specific floor has been reserved, the name will be followed by SF (Small floor), LF (large floor), or BF (both floors).

Large Floor (LF):

  • Up to 4 private lessons/practices or 1 group lesson at a time

  • In some cases a private lesson can share with a group lesson


Smaller Floor (SF):

  • Up to 2 private lessons/practices or 1 group lesson at a time


Both Floors (BF):

  • Usually reserved for a large group using dedicated music

  • Must be reserved in advance and a deposit paid

  • The air wall divider is removed to make one large floor

  • Can be reserved by private lessons when more space is needed - might be shared by up to 6 private lessons/practices

Reservations with initials followed by 2 more letters are for one of the following:

  • Private Lessons (PL)

  • Private Group Class or Practice (PG)

  • Private Events (PE)

  • Personal practice (Pr)

Please call or text if you would like to reserve a time

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